Fun Gift Baskets & Ideas 


My grandmother always created her own gift baskets that included cookies, popcorn balls, and other special items that she would give to the grandchildren, as well as friends and neighbors. 

I always thought that when I grew up I would do the same, and gift baskets seemed to be the best thing ever!  However, even though it always seems like a good thought at the time, it never fails that I run time runs out while I'm trying to fit everything into my busy schedule.  Making gift baskets - and shopping for the variety of items a gift basket needs.  It's increasingly difficult to do in between the confines of a full-time, high-pressure job, grocery shopping, cooking, etc. 

So, while I still want to give gifts to my friends, neighbors our co-workers, my time is more than a little limited – as I am sure you can relate.

In my opinion, Gift Baskets are the solution to the gift giving dilemma. Gift baskets can be purchased in almost every price range, and some online stores will deliver gift baskets to the recipients for you at no extra charge. Nothing could be easier, and the variety of gift basket choices is just amazing.

Here are some of my favorites:

If you have a friend, neighbor or co-worker who is a real cookie lover, you can send a delightful Cookie Gift Basket. Or how about a French Chocolate Delicacy. – you can't go wrong with either of those!

For the avid traveler, you could send a gift basket that has items from their Favorite City or, use a city gift basket to portray a special theme. This Gift Basket Company  has over 50 Themes – including: Boston, Chicago, Georgia, Las Vegas, New York, Texas, & more!

There are gift baskets for every taste and price range. Some gift baskets cost as little as $20 and then there are those that cost between $60 to $100.  It really depends on your budget, which will decide how big your Gift Basket will be.

There are also gift baskets for avid gardeners and, as I said before for world travelers.

Sending gift baskets is easy (there's no wrapping, no packing, no standing in line at the post office.)  It's quick and fits in well with a busy schedules.  The only question that still remains unanswered is, which theme will work the best for your family and friends?